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Opening of the Call for papers, 1st February 2024

Submission period

Opening of the Call for papers, 1st February 2024
Abstract submission deadline (poster only) 15 August 2024, 24:00 GMT+1

General guidelines

Preliminary conditions

  • Abstract submission implies that the primary author has the consent of all authors and has obtained necessary institutional clearances.
  • Research results and/or conclusions must be completed at the time of submission.

Submission requirements

Abstracts must be submitted in English using exclusively the on-line system of this web page. Abstracts submitted via any other means will not be considered.

Please read the following instructions carefully before clicking on the links to begin an abstract submission. Abstracts that do not comply with these instructions will not be reviewed.

  • The abstract must be submitted during the call for papers period, additional abstract will not be accepted after.
  • Submitter should be one of the co-author of the abstract
  • The conference will be based on a one-oral rule (i.e. one oral contribution per presenting author). But 2 abstracts maximum per submitter/presenting author are accepted. 

Submission process

  1. Submitter should create an account. The submitter account allows to manage draft(s), submit abstract(s) and follow their status (after reviewing date).
  2. Complete and submit all required fields in the online form.
  3. Be sure that abstracts have been switched from "draft" to "submit" before the closing of the call for papers 
  4. Authors will be notified and call for registration (link with the abstract in the registration)
  5. The general program will posted on the website
  6. Only the presentation of registered authors will be kept in the program

Abstract Format and Content

Abstracts are brief summaries of the overall goal of an offering and the specific ideas or concepts that will be presented, including outcomes and implications for practice.

  • Please limit abstracts to 400 words, i.e. one page.
  • Only English language is accepted
  • Include maximum 2 images with your abstract. One image will be equivalent to 150 words. They will be placed at the end of the abstract so refers it properly in the text.
  • Create tables with your submission directly in the online form because some tables can be misread by the software.
  • References are optional but encouraged. Please limit references to the 5 most pertinent citations and should be included in the 400 word limit.
  • A draft mode allows you to record your abstract before submitting it. But once your abstract have been submitted, it will not be editable. Proofread your abstract carefully before submitting it. Any abstracts that have significant typographical or grammatical errors, particularly any in the title, may be disqualified.





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