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La Rochelle is a city on the west coast of France and a seaport on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Charente-Maritime department. With ~75,000 inhabitants, La Rochelle is the most populated city in the department.
The city has a strong commercial tradition, having an active port from very early on in its history, and now four ports (fishing, trade, yachting, and old one). It possesses a rich cultural heritage, including the old harbour with the three towers and the old city. It has become the most important coastal city between the Loire and Gironde estuaries. La Rochelle is a tourist hotspot in the region, and in the early 21st century, the city has consistently been ranked among the best French cities to live in.
La Rochelle is 450 km south-west of Paris, on the Atlantic coast.



The "Espace Encan" of La Rochelle

Espace ENCAN
Quai Louis Prunier
17033 La Rochelle, France




The Encan site is located close to the historic center, near the old harbourg, called now the "bassin des grands yachts". It was built on the old fish market, place of memory of Rochelaise fishing. The Encan center, now called "La Rochelle Congrès" has adopted an environmentally friendly and responsible approach, supported by the ADEME, for its various events.

How to get to La Rochelle


La Rochelle-Ile de Ré Airport
+33 (0)5 46 42 30 26
There are a dozen direct lines including Paris, Lyon, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Porto, Southampton, Bristol, Bruxelles,,Southampton, Est Midlands, Geneve, Leeds, Dublin and Edinburgh. It also serves a number of European destinations (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Munich, Madrid, Bologna, etc.).

You can also fly to Bordeaux (Merignac) or Nantes et rent a car to La Rochelle
www.bordeaux.aeroport.fr/en or www.nantes.aeroport.fr/en



  • 6 TGV per day Paris - La Rochelle , in 3h15min

  • 1 train per day La Rochelle - Marseille,

  • 12 trains per day La Rochelle - Paris,

  • Over 100 trains leave La Rochelle station all through the year for destinations such as Poitiers, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris and Toulouse.

Tel : +33 9 70 60 99 70 - www.sncf-connect.com/en-en/



Paris: 467 km / Lyon: 650 km / Toulouse: 400 km / Bordeaux : 190 km / Nantes: 146 km / Marseille: 825 km


Abeilles Taxis
Tel : +33(0)5 46 41 22 22 / +33(0)5 46 41 55 55

Taxi G.I.R 17
Tel : +33(0)5 79 805 805

Taxi Abdel
Tel : +33(0)6 68 32 77 12

Taxi Anthony
Tel : +33(0)6 84 75 69 64

ABC Radio taxi
Tel : +33(0)5 46 42 22 00

Allo Taxi 17
Tel : +33(0)6 20 19 63 30








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